Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revenue Sharing Sites

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Revenue sharing sites is another great way of making easy money online. These are sites which have a certain way of splitting money earned through their site with its members. Some allow you to submit your google adsense code so that when you have written a topic and posted it, relevant ads will be displayed alongside your material. Now, when a visitor clicks on one of the ads, money is earned. But not all the money goes to your account; it will be shared between you and the site depending on the ratio stipulated by the revenue sharing site but you will be paid directly by Google. You might use others like E-bay, Amazon or Kontera.

Some Revenue sharing sites work in same way as article directories though the major difference is that you earn money (though there are article directories which share revenue with the writer) . It also incorporates some form of social networking where like in one of the most popular RSS-Hubpages you can follow a hubber or be followed thus building up a network. This will assist you in making friends and possibly if you are doing business online, build a network of loyal followers who can be your customers for your products.

Another thing to note is that these sites offer you a broader channel of writing than your blog or website. While on your blog you will only concentrate on one niche, on a revenue sharing site you will write on different niches and earn money with them. And again you don’t have to optimize like your sites, RSS already have high traffic and it’s up to you to come up with interesting and informative material to capture this great potential of earning with adsense or to sell a product or any other mode depending on the chosen site.

Now this is basic info but you can go directly to those sites to find out more.
1.    Hubpages
2.    Helium
3.    Squidoo
4.    Trend Hunter
5.    Articles Revenue

There are other sites and as always, you can look up with Google.

Remember to fully understand the policies of the respective advertising companies when you sign up with them. Like in Google's adsense there is the aspect of click fraud and sites which are in violation of any of the adsense policies.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you have found this insightful towards making easy money online with a home opportunity.


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